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one of the cats I feed =^..^=

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Rubén (you can forget about the accent mark I'm cool with that). I enjoy videogames mostly but I am also interested in cinema, music and more not-so-defined stuff. Anyways a try to be open minded in case you want to recommend me anything. I'm from Spain, but I can handle English. I'm studying Japanese by myself, I'm still not confident enough about it so I don't think I'll post anything in Japanese (yet). But you know, one step at a time. My pronouns are he/him.

I like nature a lot, love to see almost any animal (my favourite ones are foxes and, unfortunately, I'm afraid of spiders ╥﹏╥). Almost everyday about 8 different cats come to my house so I gladly feed them whenever they come. None of them are mine, but I love them. The one you can see above is called "Peluchín" (something like "teddy" in English?). I may upload more cat stuff, so keep in touch to see more of them.

Also, support piracy and accessibility in every sense of the word, that must include people with minimal material resources or no resources at all.

What will I do here?

Well, first of all I may post about anything at anytime, I don't want to restrict myself in here. Having said that, as I told you my main interest is in videogames. The thing is that I don't just like to play them, I also enjoy making them! Check my itch.io page to see the stuff that I make.

Sometimes I will write about games, it's an abstract idea yet and as said before, I don't really want any kind of limits. I have a backloggd account where I write (mostly) short reviews. Feel free to follow me there, I may copy the reviews here in the future but I'm not sure. Regarding that, I want to be clear about one thing, I don't set things in stone. I may like one thing and then dislike it the next day or something like that. Also, if you disagree with me on anything, or rather, SPECIALLY if you disagree with me on anything, feel free to tell me! I want to discuss and understand other viewpoints. I even prefer that than just agreeing on everything every time.

As I make games, I also want to talk about my process creating them. This is not (I hope) a selfish act. I will do this with the objective of trying to demystify game development and making it as close as possible to everyone. I will write stuff about how I make the assets for the games, how to write the code, how to upload the game to itch.io... and I will also write about the creative process, anything that could help. This is to show people that making games is, in fact, really easy and needs no knowledge of any kind!. I'll also upload ALL of the project (still don't know how) for you to check by yourself. You can even use my assets, code or whatever on your own games!

I must warn you first: I'm no game professional and I don't want to be. I'm not interested on living by making games in any way. I'm saying this because I may do things in the not optimal way. You can always correct me, of course! I'm willing to learn anything from anyone. Just don't take my methods as the absolute best way of doing things, they are just my way of getting by.

I'm more comfortable right now working with Unity, but again, I'm not closed to anything (well, Unreal Engine sucks but I could even try that again). I'm looking forward to make some Bitsy games in the near future and I'm also interested in Godot and TIC-80. If you want me to try any tool just tell me! I enjoy just figuring out how this things work so I'm happy with everything.

Things that I like

First of all, I don't like to define people by the things that they enjoy, so that's why this part comes at the end, but I still wanted to show some of the more concrete stuff that I like. I'll show you 3 of my favourite things about something. This stuff will surely be changing with time, so feel free to check this section again for updates.


Metroid 2


Kaze Tachinu
Star Wars Episode III
Spider-Man 3