Writings and videos recommended

I wanted to give some space to some pieces/people that I like. There are more interesting stuff beyond whatever I may post here, I'll be updating this section too from time to time, but here are some pieces that I enjoy.

Ludonaut - hills to die on

Mariken S. (gisbrecht) - Accessibility List 1

S.R. Holiwell - A Maze of Murderscapes: Metroid II

calei2copi0 - on memory

Emilie M. Reed - Videogame Engines as Tools for Mass Art

BeetBeatBit - Rocket League y el movimiento

Kimimi - Report from hell

Marina Kittaka - Collage and the Arbitrary Threshold / dandelions

Brendan Keogh - There’s not enough videogames; everyone should be encouraged to make them (or, videogames are just art)

Chris Franklin - Blips Series

Robert Yang - Hard Lads as an important failure

Matthewmatosis - The Lost Soul Arts of Demon's Souls